they’re out to get me!

Pa070011 My Fuzzy Feet are trying to kill me.

Don’t tell me that I’m crazy. Don’t even suggest that I am paranoid. Those Fuzzy Feet have it in for me.

Perhaps it was when I overtwisted the yarn while spinning. Or all the times I ignored it. It could definitely be that scalding hot water bath I put them through. Maybe my feet stink and they hate their job.

The only thing I know for sure is that those Fuzzy Feet hate me.

Everytime I go up or down the stairs they sneakily slide ever so much off of my feet and try to trip me up. Every single time. They are trying to break my neck.

Well, those Fuzzy Feet have underestimated their opponent.

I am on to them and now when I go up or down the stairs I am sure to hold my big toes extended upward and backward towards my head and in this way I provide my own hook to keep those Fuzzy Feet where they belong. hah!


One thought on “they’re out to get me!

  1. I’ve heard tell that puffy paint (the kind you get in craft stores) when applied to the bottoms of such items (in an appropriate dot formation) will give you a bit o’ gripping action. Haven’t tried it yet, but given the fact that my felted clogs tried the same bit with me last year (not to mention the near-electrocution experience), doing some kind of preventative footing treatment is high on my winter prep agenda.

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