Keeping up Appearances

I missed the Spinning Guild Meeting last night.

I was not without spinning wheels, however!! I proudly present Onslow, our newest family member ….

Anslo Anslo1

We picked our Mini Cooper up yesterday afternoon and spent the remainder of the day putting 100 miles on it as we zipped all over the place. I even took a few turns behind the wheel!

Darlings, please remember that Onslow is a six speed manual transmission and it was long ago, and far away that I have driven a stick shift. I am pleased to report that I didn’t do all that badly. I will admit to a few stalls, but hasten to add that these all occured when the pressure was on – someone behind me at a stop sign, or making a left hand turn on a major road with people in back. I attribute it all to stage fright and am confident I will work out any jitters.

If Boar and I ever separate, Onslow will be the only things we fight over for custody!!

7 thoughts on “Keeping up Appearances

  1. Can you fit me, my mom and Gracie in for MD? ;) Your mini looks great. One of my greatest fears, driving standard, is having to drive up the ramps for the Cross Sound Ferry. Nightmares, I tell you. Before and after my locker door nightmares…

  2. Gorgeous car! I used to live near Onslow Village in Surrey. Where did you get the name? The hood release is on the one we looked at was on the UK side, which I loved!

  3. Adorable, darlin, just adorable! So, when are we going to see you you in it? LI Knits meets Nov. 3 in our new location; Setauket Neighborhood House.

    Thanks for the card!

    Hugs from me and my pain killers!

  4. Onslow looks like a ‘bucket’ of fun! I hear nothing but good thing about the Mini Cooper — especially from my spinning teacher who has one too. Fibre people have such good taste! Thanks for the good wishes :D

  5. Wasn’t I the one who first taught you how to drive a stick shift? I remember a herky jerky ride down Keebler Ave. heading toward Allendale Rd! LOL.

    I remember all to well how nerve wracking it was when I first learned how to drive the orange Pinto station wagon with stick shift. One time on a hill I accidently put it in reverse! If it weren’t for my dad yanking up the emergency brake I would have hit the car behind us!

    I am sure that Onslow is an absolute joy to drive around and that you love shifting his gears as you zip around Long Island.

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