under the wire!

I almost let the day get away without posting!  egads.  And of course, the day I don’t post is the day when I have my all time record of hits ….. hmmm, the less I blog, the more visitors I get …. are you people trying to tell me something?

Kathleen came over today to smooch Poe.  I should have taken some pictures.  Kathleen is a dog lover, specifically a pug lover and it’s a good thing too — our Poe got some puppy poo on Kathleen and she didn’t even flinch!  What a trooper.  Of course, Poe got a talking to – the social nicety of not shitting on the guests and all that.  He is heartily sorry and hoped that Kathleen will come back – now if I can only get him to chew with his mouth closed …..

We had a nice time visiting and she restarted my knitting fire.  Between the Thanksgiving holiday and a new puppy in the house I had not even thought about knitting in days.  I got all of my fancy new poncho yarn wound up and made some good progress on my Hayden Hat — will post pictures tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “under the wire!

  1. My parents always think it’s funny (but gross) that I’m not bothered by animal poo, puke, whatever. I don’t enjoy it, but I don’t get grossed out by trying to clean it up or anything. If it came out of a person, I want to be bubble-girl before I’m in the same room with it.

    In any event, I’m sure Poe remembers every word of his “good dogs don’t shit on people” speech… ;)

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