deal me in boys

There is another player at the Baby Pet Mayhem table.  This cannot be a good thing.  Vicki relates her holiday tail (get it? tail??) of woe ….

Ooooh, I don’t play poker either, but count me in this hand of Baby Pet Mayhem! I think I can raise with a kitten-climbed Christmas tree that topples in the night AND breaks the china head of the treetop angel that adorned the trees of one’s childhood (along with various other ornaments). Boohoo

go and offer your condolences. 

I think the odds are against me winning this game.  Snowball and Vicki have kittens.  I have a puppy and use the crate training method.  Their kittens are out and running amok.  Mr. Edgrrr is all tucked in with his blanket, chew toy and a small water dish.  I should have no middle of the night mayhem stories ….. unless being so far behind in this game drives me crazy and I unleash the beast …… nah, I won’t do it, I can’t do it, I don’t want to do it …. winning isn’t everything, is it?

In fiber news …. there is no fiber news.  I spent a lovely day with Kathleen yesterday.  I cast on for a bucket hat — I had a bit of a bucket hat addiction last winter.  In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess that I am knitting for others.  Yes, that was me just a few short weeks ago ranting and raving about knitting for other people.  I know I said that I wasn’t going to do it anymore, at least for awhile.  If any family and friends are reading, do not take this to mean I am taking orders! 

This is one of those spirit moving me projects — a sticky category to classify and one that defies concrete explanations.  The bucket hat will be for my cousin. I don’t think she would come to my house to clean, but she is one of those people in my life who would do anything for me – well, except clean.

She had admired the hat featured in January 5th’s post and had inquired about one then.  I don’t think she is a regular reader of Purlingswine (can you imagine??) and will be surprised —- she will really be surprised because I am planning on leaving the felting portion for her!  She and I live in different states and it will be better if she felts it and pops it right on her head for a custom fit.  Hopefully she will actually do this part.  I will hound her until she does.

The holiday cleaning frenzy commences today.  I will be up to my elbows in ammonia water and furniture polish.  The bright light of my day will be the spinning guild meeting tonight ….. and all your lovely comments, of course! (ahem!)

3 thoughts on “deal me in boys

  1. Forget that stupid bucket hat you’re making my sister. Temperatures have dropped and poor Murphy is now freezing his butt off outside. A bucket hat would be nice, too, for his bucket head. Bear is looking a bit chilly, too! LOL

  2. We can take our act on the road perhaps. You can be the ammonia and lemon oil scented cleaning lady and I can be the off key singer of English medieval Christmas carols.

    Me at 6:30 am: HON, Bring down the big vacuum cleaner when you come downstairs!
    DH: ????????
    Me: Piano tuner arriving at 8:30.

    It’s amazing how fast and how much you can clean with that kind of motivation.

  3. Oh, I do wish I’d had more resolve with Mickey and the crate training — that I hadn’t been swayed by puppy-dog-eyes from both the pup and my 12-year-old! I don’t even know where the crate is right now…

    Very cute pic of you and Onslow on Katy’s blog! It’s so cool that you can get together.

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