beep beep!

For all of you who have found your way here from Wendy’s fabulous site — Welcome!

Are wondering what is so wonderful about my Onslow, that it has Wendy so upset, a woman who seems so sane, so grounded?  What could his appeal be? What magic lies within?

Feast your eyes! Fear not darlings, we must be brave — Onslow will be restored to his former glory!  It is only a matter of time …..

Onward to my little quiz of yesterday ….. (I hope that you infer from little quizzes and car talk, that progress is continuing on Clapotis, but I haven’t taken any more pictures)

My cousin (Me of the comments) and Kathleen got it right — I do not know how to ride a unicycle …. although I have never tried, so that could change!

  1. erythroblastosis  I was born in 1963 – before they developed the shot they give women for Rh incompatibility and I presume before interuterine transfusions were available …..
  2. yes, I have road maps on my legs.  yes, young children do stare.  no, they don’t bother me – in fact, I admire my legs.  I used to bitch about them, and then realized that my legs have always done their job without giving me a moment’s trouble.
  3. my cousins did indeed have a unicycle, but I never tried it ….. wonder if my aunt still has it in her garage?
  4. I went to college with a guy who was the son of the Turkish General Consulate. Here is what it sounds like, I am sure my spelling is all wrong:  Tavla oinamak estermisnis?
  5. One of my friends in college was also from Iran:  Jeke bood, jeke nah bood ray has ro do heescase nah bood

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