Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

What a glorious day!  There is so much to tell.  Last week, I was offered (and accepted) a job – teaching knitting!!!  It is one day a week, at a wellness center.  The woman who is currently teaching the knitting class is moving and I have been asked to teach the next round of classes beginning in April.  Today I subbed for her since she is under the weather.  It was great – I really think I can do this and have already met a lot of interesting women (do only interesting people knit?).  Take a look at what they said about me in the class description ::blush::  did you read that part about extraordinaire??  also did you note the belly dancing classes – I may take the plunge, stay tuned for more details ….

Afterward, I went to lunch with my good friend Ricki and her father Victor.  How decadent to be lunching at a fabulous restaurant complete with bottle of wine! Ricki is marvelous – one of the nicest women I know and her father is a wonderful, courtly man.  It also added to the day that I was traveling in style in Ricki’s new car.

As if all this isn’t enough for a body to stand – Daughter #1 is at this very moment competing for a spot on a college equestrian team.  I have gotten updates from the Boar saying how great she is doing.  They may end up staying overnight, but at the very least won’t be home until much, much later.  Daughter #2 has been hired to babysit for my sister-in-law.  They are going away for the weekend and taking D#2 with them.  She leaves tonight.

all of this means that I am about to have the house to myself!

knitting + money + lunch + wine + solitude = :)

happier than a pig in shit – oink!

13 thoughts on “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

  1. Oh, CFWE (Creative & Fun Woman EXTRAordinaire), congratulations! How fun is that?? And so much good news! Yippee yahoo for all of it — now don’t have too much fun all alone in your sty…

  2. Wonderful news all around! A paying job teaching knitting, wow! I’m envious. And great news about DD1 hope she returns from the tryouts with great news.

  3. Imagine my joy when I read “the swine” tonight after a very long day at work and read my favorite phrase as your opening entry. Intriguing. I am thrilled at your new employment opportunity. You’re infectious. Soon you will have all of Long Island quietly clicking their knitting needles. You always said you would not make anyone anything but gladly teach them. Careful what you wish for……….


  4. Grammy most certainly is looking down on you and smiling proudly. Except for that last line: %#$@ – oink, she is looking for her bar of soap! LOL! Congrates! You are sure to have a blast passing on your love of knitting.

  5. I am envious! A house all to yourself and time to knit. That is definitely what I would do if I ever got my house alone again.. My DD finally moved out at age 25 and my MIL moved in 1 week later and she just sits on the couch and stares at me while I’m knitting. She’s legally blind and is probably trying to figure out what I’m doing, but it drives me insane! Enough about me – have a great weekend.

    Lois in MA

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