A Tale of Two Clapotis

P3070006 It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Not really, things are pretty good around here. Better than pretty good – it really is the best of times.   

I just used that title since I am working on another Clapotis.  But this is as far as my cleverness extends.  The first line.  Sad but true – my intelligence extends as far the the first line – it’s a mile wide and an inch deep.  I cannot tell a lie and say these are the worst times – not only is it untrue, but I would jinx myself!  I cannot lie and say that I’ve even read the book – maybe I did, but maybe I didn’t – I can’t remember.  If I did, I am certain that I skimmed it.

Before I completely depress myself with further discussion of the great works of literature that have slipped through my brain like a seive, allow me to change course and speak of Clapotis.

I started this project while waiting for the plane at Kennedy airport.  I had heard that my Denise Needles would be acceptable to the security standards.  My sock projects were packed away in the luggage.  The airline’s website said that plastic or wooden needles were okay, but that the wood should be bamboo.  My dpns are birch and I didn’t want to chance having an arborist for a security agent. 

I am using the alpaca silk twist from Knitpicks.  This yarn is wonderful – so soft and easy to work with!  And of course, Knitpicks is the place to order – not only are their yarns cheaply priced, their cutomer service is superb!  As you may or may not remember, my first Clapotis used Berroco Suede.  I love the way it came out, but the suede was not easy to work with!  It is also only suited to shawl use – is much too bulky to be worn as a scarf.  Thus the next Clapotis.  My hope is that this one will be more versatile.

Did I mention how much I love my suede Clapotis?  That took it on vacation and used it as an evening wrap?  That it garnered many compliments?

6 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Clapotis

  1. I think my berroco softwist clapotis will fall into the same category. I’m just past the halfway point, and it is getting pretty heavy. You are putting me to shame with your speed on #2, I seem to only be able to manage one repeat per day on days when I am at home. It’s gotten too big to fit in my briefcase for airplane knitting.

  2. I love the redesign, and it loads much faster here in my office.

    I’m afraid I’ll be the last knitter to get aroud to Clapotis one of these days.

  3. ok, it has been WAY too long since I have visited. i mean, *love* what you have done with the place!!!

    bloglines is about as pro/con as email… sure at least i can read posts more easily, but if i can’t come over and look around and drop a note… well what gain efficiency??

    anyway. you mentioned a while back (and i didn’t comment, like a should have) that you suspected your banner of causing trouble…. maybe someone else mentioned this, but was the image resized in your template code, or on the server? … i try to always save my images as small as i need them to be, and not put “width” or “height” tags in my code. if it is *really* a monster-huge image, but you shrink it in your code, it is still seen as a monster image by my browser and takes forever to load. you wouldn’t notice an issue, as you probably cache your page pretty regularly.

    (it just occured to me that someone else probably already told you all this already…)

    anyway, clap looks great! if she is super heavy, consider wearing her as a way to get more exercise. :)

  4. Thanks for posting the nice, straightforward close-up of your clapotis in progress! I’ve made it through 2 of the dropstitch rows, and it’s reassuring to see that mine looking like it should. That silk twist yarn looks (and sounds) great!

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