Piggy77Check out this Wild Boar Rug posted on Craftster …. do I need one of these, or what?

I would need to make a wall mounted version, the dogs would have a field day with the floor model!

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  1. Ann… Just make it *through* Friday. Do whatever it takes to not smoke!

    I used to love the smoker image (I totally started in jr. high to be cool), until I thought about it as the image of the bad breath, smelly hair, and faster than normal aging smoker. Once I had gone just two days without a nic fix, I could smell smokers (even occasional ones) a mile away, and that was good incentive.

    You have to imagine yourself as a nonsmoker in every way… and learn to love that new image enough to protect it. You can do it! rah rah rah… GO ANN!

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