I put my patch on first thing this morning.  I decided not to do it last night — after I wake up in the morning, I don’t have the first smoke for at least an hour and maybe more, so I figured why have the nicotine in my system all night long?  The patch was kind of itchy and tingly at first, but that has subsided and now I don’t feel it.

I also decided to make a cup of tea instead in order to avoid a coffee trigger.  Not to worry though, I am going to knitting guild in a few hours and will be making a stop at Starbucks – Peggy and Ricki will be with me, so my mind will be focused on something other than ‘okay, here’s the coffee, where’s the cigarette??!!’

Thank you so much for all your emails and comments of support — it is making a big difference in how I am feeling about quitting!  Go over and see Vicki – she’s quitting too.

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  1. Go ANN!!! I know you can do it!… Just for today, *no matter what,* not one puff!

    Already your blood pressure is lowering, and your lungs are beginning the long process of clearing out all that tar. WOO HOO!

    Keep the Quit :)

  2. I did this myself a little over 6 years ago. Hang in there, it will get easier, even if it doesn’t feel like it ever could.

    The very best thing is not feeling chained to a habit that is becoming more and more difficult to support.

  3. You can do it! Keep busy, and distracted with healthy things like lots of friends and knitting. Looking forward to seeing you and Peggy tonight. Don’t expect much other than a place to sit, I have no time for baking, and just ran out last night for store bought treats. House is a mess.

  4. Congrats on your decision to quit! It has been 27 years without a smoke. My lungs are like new! Don’t try to give up too many things at the same time. Caffeine withdrawl may make you want to smoke as you will get a headache.
    You can do it!

  5. I’ve never smoked, so I can’t begin to understand how hard it is to quit (although I’ve watched my husband, who still hasn’t succeeded). I’m winging a lot of “atta girls” your way!! I know you can do it.

  6. I’m quitting along with Annie & her Boar-lots of deep breaths, water and will ride my horse after work today. Don’t have a blog or a patch but I’ve done this before for lengthy (years) periods of time, albeit with pregnancies and health issues as catalysts! Thanks to you Annie, I’m giving it another go!

  7. My dear friend Camille quit about 7 months ago and changed her rountine for a month or two. Now she can things in the order she always did (like coffee and newpaper in the morning) without craving a ciggie. GOOD LUCK! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

  8. You’ve got lots of virtual support behind you – you can do it! And if you do as Nancy suggested, just think of all the knitting you’ll get done!! Oh! And all the stash money you’ll have!!

  9. Good luck! I gave up six weeks 3 days ago, using patches. it is dreadful for the first two weeks. It will seem as if EVERY activity you ever did associates with smoking. I avoided alcohol but nothing else. Coffee was a strong trigger for me, but the more coffee I had, the less the association with ciggies. Chocolates help too! Think of how great it will be to not be bossed around by your cigarettes! No more smelly wool!

  10. I have faith and am sending out a big virtual hug to everyone quitting. I did it myself- September 15 2005 will be 3 years smoke free (not counting the second hand smoke I get from my boyfriend, who I live with, and my dad, who I work with). It’s so cool how your taste buds come back, and your sense of smell. No more puffing at the top of a stair case. This is such an amazing thing, all the best of luck!

  11. Just think of all the money you’ll save on ciggies that you can now spend on yarn – if that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is.

    Heck, the prices they’re charging for smokes these days, you could swing a down payment on a summer home in the Hamptons.

    Good luck – you can do it!

  12. I know you can do it! I did this year and you can too! After awhile you find you really feel better. I can actually take a deep breath again without coughing! LOL Hang in there. You CAN do it!

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