don’t look into her eyes!

Anita is an evil genius.

I know it’s not in good taste to make such public proclamations about another blogger.  But I feel that someone has to warn the others ….. Anita is bad – she a temptress, a seductress – she’s naughty

If you follow the link to her site, I warn you to be careful, very careful.  She may seem like a kind, smart, clever woman — and she is definitely smart and so, so clever.

She joined the Spearfish knitalong.  This knitalong is a race too — first one to complete the project wins sock yarn.  So Anita sends me a private email, inviting me to a side wager between just us two.  I demure, knowing that gambling is the devil’s work and that I have way too many projects to even think I could win.  (watch carefully because this is the part where her evil genius shines through) She then sends an email saying, no problem – she too is swamped, she is also trying out a new sock knitting method and is anticipating lots of ripping.

Right then, I thought – wow, maybe I could win this bet.  Anita says she swamped and is going to screw up everything.

I email back saying okay the bet’s on – more sock yarn is at stake.  She says fantastic, this will be fun (like a cat with the mouse is fun) and then goes on to say how she has already given up the new sock method, is back to her dpns. 

Do you hear this????  Not only is she not screwing up, she’s already knitting away!!!

I think she plotted this all along.  here’s a look at Anita’s things to do list:

  • make nicey nice with Ann
  • realize that Ann is greedy & stupid
  • join knitalong
  • offer betting
  • feign being swamped and inept, thereby making Ann think she has a chance in hell of winning this bet.
  • anticipate lots of sock yarn arriving in your mailbox and start picking colors
  • cackle with glee

Anita has led me down the path of ruin.  Not only am I gambling, but now I am hoping, nay rooting, for her and her stinkin’ socks’ demise!

rip Anita, rip!!!!

5 thoughts on “don’t look into her eyes!

  1. You’re just mad because she beat you at your own game (“What do you mean?” you say innocently with a sickly sweet smile as you rapidly blink your eyes–kind of in an evil genius way. “She turned the tables on you, honey, just like you’re good at,” I say to you trying to explain the obvious–again–in a patient manner, “and, besides, it’s not so bad if someone gets a head start on you every now and again! It can keep you humble!”)!

  2. Sniff. Sniff. I’m saddened that you think I could be capable of such deception!

    puts aside Spearfish 1 to pick up Spearfish 2

    I can only say in my defense that I’m terrible about casting on a project and leaving it for looooooooooong marninating. It took me almost a year to make those kneesocks….

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