Vicki Rocks My Socks!

Friday was the two week mark in my quitting smoking efforts.  The past four days or so have been among the most difficult so far.  I really don’t know why — nothing is all that different about these past days than any others.  The weather has been spring like, so yard work has commenced – perhaps that is part of it.  Cigarette breaks were an integral part of yard work.  I am still taking breaks – even knitting breaks! – but it’s not the same. Anyway, it is what it is and these last few have been hard.  Not hard enough to break my resolve, but hard nonetheless.

What better pick-me-up than a package on the porch?  Vicki is the best!  Thanks so much Vicki – it has put a smile on my face and given me plenty of plugs for the ole pie hole!

P4020001 P4020002 P4020003

3 thoughts on “Vicki Rocks My Socks!

  1. Keep up the good work! I quit “cold turkey” a little over 13 years ago and, while it was tough, I have never regretted it. Drink lots of water!! I took frequent walks, too. I wish I had knitting at that time….I did a needlepoint pillow instead. My first…and last!

  2. OMG, the shipping department at Chez Knitorious is terribly inept. In my nicotine-free haze, I completely neglected to tell you (and Connie) that the bounty you received is actually my sharing of the Cara (January One) Rocks MY Socks Box that she sent (I would never, EVER eat that many DumDums!). Anyway, she totally agreed that it would be a great thing to spread the stir stick goodness among other Cold Turkeys!

    You look great with a stir stick in your pie hole!!

  3. Way to go Ann. :) I know it ain’t easy but you are doing it. Yippee! Great package. Owie will swap out your Rootbeer and butterscotch dumdums for the popcorn flavor. ;)

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