Remember the other day when I said there was nothing better than a package on your front porch?

I found something better – the day there is package on your front porch, there is another waiting in your mailbox! 

Socks0037 Connie, blog reader, email friend and fellow Quitter sent me a surprise!  Tea tree oil toothpicks and mints!  I haven’t tried the toothpicks yet, but will let you know how they are.  She also included a card with a picture of her knitted socks – here they are!  Thank you so much Connie – those socks look terrific, by the way.

Work is continuing on Halcyon – it looking fab, if I do say so myself.  I surprised myself last night with some adept fiber gymnastics.  I noticed an uncabled cable five rows back and rather than rip the whole five rows, I selectively tinked back.  "Holy crap, I’m good", I thought to myself.  In the midst of this delicate operation, it crossed my mind to take some pictures – but would have wrecked havoc with my concentration.  I couldn’t even watch Desparate Housewives while this was going on!  Speaking of television — anyone watching Show Dog Moms & Dads on Bravo?  this is shaping up to be a good program.

I am waiting for my yarn to arrive to start my Spearfish socks.  The race over there is well underway – I hope that no one has gone to their bookies to put their money on me.  I’m a mudder and the track is high and dry.

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