P’s and Q’s ….

Dear Gentle Reader,

It has come to Purlingswine’s attention that she has been remiss –  remiss and rude!  This situation is untenable and must be rectified immediately.

In the recent, and not so recent past, Purlingswine has received gifts which she failed to acknowledge and thank the senders.

Connie, fellow quitter knitter, sent a lovely, lovely tin of knitters’ hand cream along with an encouraging and uplifting note.  Thank you Connie!  (this arrived a few days ago and while I should have thanked Connie right away, I don’t feel all that bad about a little delay)

Nancy is another story entirely!  A few minutes ago, I received an email from Adagio Teas telling me that my gift certificate was about to expire.

gift certificate?  expire??  huh???

I have absolutely no recollection of any of this.  I have an email out to Nancy telling her I have obviously lost my mind.  thank you Nancy, please forgive me!

I need a good cuppa to collect myself!

"Tea! The panacea for everything from weariness to a cold to a murder Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea."     Henry Fielding

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