pucker up!

Things to know before reading this entry:

  • Nicoderm tries to make their patches as unobtrusive as possible – either a clear variety or the flesh shade of Band Aids
  • My Boar is a hot Italian

As you know, we were away this past weekend on a college trip.  On Sunday morning I had a marketing epiphany  …. John and I were both up and getting ready for the day.  Daughter #1 was still sleeping, so we were whispering to each other. 

I was putting on my patch and said to him that rather than try to disguise these things, the patch companies should make them in different shapes perhaps with motivational sayings …. like a heart shaped one that says Kiss Me I’m Quitting or something like that. As much as they try to disguise them, it doesn’t work so why not just go with it and make the most of it.

He is sort of staring at me strangely, but says he thinks it is a great idea.  He gives me a hey baby maybe we should get our own room….
Apparently  he thought I said the patch quote should be Kiss Me I’m Horny.
Needless to say, I woke Daughter #1 up with all my laughing!

3 thoughts on “pucker up!

  1. haha ann! That IS a good idea! You need to suggest that to them. And by the way, you need to correct YOURSELF in that entry! haha xo

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