my mother’s face


did anyone see a PrimeTime  show the other night about the woman who had won an extreme makeover?  the kind that involves multiple surgeries? 

Before the surgery, they interviewed her husband.  I suppose the make over people wanted him to be salivating at the thought of his barbie-to-be.  Impatient to get his hands on all that silicone.

He was not as enthused as the producers would have liked. 

He said that he loves the face she has now –  her changing expressions, the visible signs of life experience, that he loves being able to see her mother’s face in hers.

After the surgery, and her ‘debutant ball’ and the dust settled, they went back to check on the couple.  The marriage is over.

She traded in that beautiful man for a mirage.

4 thoughts on “my mother’s face

  1. Ah, sad, sad, sad. That one would have so little faith in herself and those around her. It’s true, we marry the person we originally choose, warts and all. If my husband decided he wanted to look like Pierce Brosnan all of a sudden, I don’t think I would be pleased. Pierce is a stunningly handsome man, but he’s not MY man. MY man is the one I married, not some constructed facade. I think the husband knew her more than she knew herself. Sad, Sad, sad…

  2. if this is the show that was on prime time not too long ago, i have *dirt* on that! i was at the reveal party for that woman– a close friend of mine was the first person that had the extreme makeover sponsored by that television station. she took me as a guest– it was extremely bizarre and the husband, at *that* time, was telling everyone he hoped that the TV station would pay for his wife’s “Maintenance” because he never wanted her to look “old” again! It was so weird!

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