Kathleen and I went to a knitting group on Friday.  This group meets every Friday night at one of two libraries. (both of these libraries have coffee bars ~ how nice is that?)  I had a great time, lots of the women there are also in the spinning guild and some are even fellow bloggers

Kathleen presented me with a pair of lovely, beaded pulse warmers.  If you have been reading her site, you know that she has been hard at work knitting these things – she is probably wishing she knew a few one-armed bloggers!  The pulse warmers are gorgeous!  As I told Norma, they are magic

Kathleen has been making quite a lot of these and has brought them to many of our knitting get togethers.  A few weeks ago, I slipped one on.  The first thing out of my mouth was ‘This makes my wrist feel better’.  Please note that my wrist wasn’t hurting in the first place.  Something about the softness of the yarn and the firmness around your wrist ….. it’s magic!

Onto other topics, are we still posting a daily flower shot?  I believe that these floral photos have given some of my readers the wrong impression.  Some of you think that my gardens are fabulous.  That is the beauty of the small little picture.  You only see what I want you to see.

If you had a widescreen perspective of my yard, you would see gardens overflowing – massacres taking place as one flower takes over an entire area, crowding out its neighbors while I sit by and let it happen.   If something isn’t done soon I will have nothing but daylilies and black-eyed Susans.  Not to mention the things that I let go because I am not sure if they are weeds or not.  My gardens are unruly and undisciplined — like those bratty kids you see ouMay_flowers_004t and about.  The ones that make your palms itch.

So here is a picture of potted geraniums.  I bought the vine support at Home Depot and have a sweet potato vine along with some morning glory seedlings tucked in there as well.  Home Depot is not selling the hat.

Why yes, I churned out another fruit cap.  My cousin’s wife had their first baby!  Throughout the pregnancy I had convinced myself it would be a girl and was looking forward to knitting Miss Dashwood.  Luckily I didn’t cast on!  This weekend I made what has to be my fifth pumpkin hat.  What is a knitter to do when she has the perfect pattern – fairly easy, fairly quick and adorable?

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  1. Wow, you flew on that hat! I am glad you like the pulsewarmers. I had a great time with you on Friday and thanks again for the coffee…I’ll get it next time. :)

  2. Yes, I agree with you — those pulsewarmers ARE magic. I think there’s another element at work, too — the heft of the beads. It adds a light bit of weight that is just lovely. And what I can see of your garden, it is the picture of perfection compared to mine. Mine is just plain out of control.

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