he floats through the air

P6050050 with the greatest of ease, the daring middle aged young man on the flying trapeze.

Did I mention our pool sprung a leak?  Through the process of elimination, Boar determined that source of the leak was the housing of the underwater light. 

Our very own little Deep Throat scandal.

Do you see the contraption my Boar rigged up?  He needed to clean out the housing before beginning the fix and the pool water is freezing.  So the housing is caulked to within an inch of its life.  Now it has to ‘cure’ for seven days.

Hopefully the pool will be cured as well.  That Boar – not only hard working, but inventive too! 

In knitting news I cast on for a pair of baby booties to go along with the pumpkin hat.  These are a very old pattern that my grandmother wrote down at some point.  The cuff is Quaker stitch.

Even though this post is disjointed, I am going to click the save button — this morning is growing too hectic for blogging ….

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