The almost finished Quaker stitch bootie.  I still have to make a bit of chain stitching or I cord to be threaded through eyelets that are near the ankle.  Oh, and I must knit the other bootie!  I am going to go through Nicky Epstein’s Knitted Embellishments book to see if I can find a pattern for a little something to attach to the end of the I cord.

This is the girls’ last full week of school and then begins finals.  Due to her status as a senior and her good grades, Daughter #1 has been exempt from taking many of them.  Despite her good grades Daughter #2’s status as a freshman means she will be taking all of them.  oh well – her day will come.  Then it will be prom and graduation! 

That week will be a whirlwind.  A good whirlwind.  We are getting some out-of-town company for the graduation and I have recently found out that a certain smoke-free blogger will be in NYC!  To say I am excited is an understatement of the highest order.

In my more immediate future:  laundry and hedge trimming.  It is time to pull the ole Edward Scissorhands on the box woods and I have decided that today is a good day to go through the winter woolens bin to wash all the hats, scarves and mittens ….. this will lead to an organizing of the closet where these things are stashed.  And then, rather than put them all away, I will go through all of these sweet smelling warmers and make a separate pile for Daughter #1 to take to college in the fall.    ~sniff~

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  1. See, now, I’m thinking that by meeting one smoke-free blogger, I may just get to meet another smoke-free blogger! ;-)

    I’m SO excited!

  2. Wow, my son has been out of school since May 27, and my college student has been out since May 15. Do yours go back considerably later than mine do? Mine start again the last week in August.

    I love the bootie. I want a pair of them in my size! They look comfy.

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