I’m faster!

woo-hooo in light of recent parties that title is a real doozie.  My public has spoken and the old swine is loading faster without the marquee script. 

This is both good news and bad.  I am glad that things are faster, but this means that I won’t be displaying everyone’s blog buttons!  I love blog buttons.  I think they’re cool.  I think they’re cute.  So often, they are clever.  But I have such a vast collection of everyone’s buttons, they only way to display them is through the marquee script.  So no more buttons. 

Chelsea as soon as I translate what you said I will check into that Cold Turkey button picture too.  Once again you are a doll to help me out with this (everyone is!).  Not all that long ago Chelsea brought her fancy computer talk down to my level to explain caches —- she related it to my telephone and the memory function which was the best comparison for me since the phone is surgically attached to my ear!

Now, I know that you are not coming to this site on a Saturday in order to see if I got my loading problem solved.  You nasty ladies want to know about the party

Go on. 

Admit it. 

That’s all you want.  dirty, dirty girls.

Well it was a complete laugh riot.  It was hard to hear the woman selling the items over the roar of the crowd.  Things were passed around and given a ‘go’ to some extent.  Things complete with various flavors and variable speeds.  Some of the products seemed a bit scary – promises to tighten some things and harden others — sounded like a ride in an ambulence waiting to happen.  Other things involved finding a ceiling beam in your bedroom and then hiding the hook in a hollowed out smoke detector.

I will tell you this – I went with three other girlfriends.  Three of us spent over $50.

that’s all I’m sayin’.

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