I believe I am entitled to a pass – a knitting pass.  A few days ago, I took a vow not to cast on anything until I had completed a couple of Halycon pattern repeats.  Well, I think sixteen rows will suffice.  Tomorrow Vicki will be in NYC.   Cara, Kathleen, a bunch of others and I will be convening meeting her and each other!  Cara has a fun day planned – full of yarn shops, charming parks and juicy burgers.

Here’s the deal — there is no way I am dragging Halcyon into the city.  Halcyon is not a ‘go anywhere’ type of project.  The magnet board alone is a problem.

So I need to come up with another project – quick.  I have a dresser full of yarn and shelves full of patterns – this shouldn’t be so difficult!  Why is nothing jumping out at me??!!

In her entry yesterday, Cara mentioned another sock pattern from IK – perhaps I will monkey do.

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  1. Totally cast on for a sock. Perfect for the train, park, burgers, lys, we’re going to be TIRED! (Good thing Vicki has a pillow concierge!)

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