busy, busy!!

P6240017 P6240023

I still have company — things will be busy until Wednesday or so.  Here are some prom pictures in the meantime!  gotta run and pour the wine ….

10 thoughts on “busy, busy!!

  1. Oh, Ann, it’s a beautiful dress — and she is gorgeous! I hope she had fun. I hope you’re all having fun with all your partying and company (and wine)!

  2. What a looker your daughter is! She’s gorgeous and that brown is to die for! I love the back of the dress especially with the little flare!

    I hope you’re enjoying your company and that you get to do a little relaxing sometime soon!

  3. Stunning!! I haven’t seen her in a while. Oh my goodness. She looks incredible. I hope she had a wonderful time. Love the purse! It’s the little details…..

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