don’t forget to floss!

Yesterday was a crazy day here at Chez Swine.  It was D#2’s birthday — my baby is 15!!  Between running her around to flute lesson and riding lesson, doing the grocery shopping, cleaning, having my wisdom tooth removed and yoga I barely had a chance to sit.

yes, you read that right — I had to have my wisdom tooth yanked today!  And I am blaming it all on my big brother.  He recently  had a lot of dental work done and I think he jinxed me with his talk of our bad teeth! 
About two days ago I noticed that it hurt like hell when I touched it with my toothbrush.  I just hoped it would go away.  Then yesterday I almost jumped out of my skin with hot/cold things.  So today I was in the dentist chair and he was extracting it!
Daughter #2 had two of her wisdom teeth taken out last week.  I had one out today and Daugther #1 will have all four of hers extracted on Friday.   WTF???  (now before you tell me how much the dentist is raking in, while I went to the dentist today the girls are seeing some kind of specialist — I am too lazy to go and look this up, but he is an oral surgeon of some sort.)
since I am also too lazy to take a picture of the sock ….

SiL has proclaimed herself immune to Mr. Poe’s charms.  She has further requested that I post a picture of Bridget and Daisy. Normally I am not only stubborn, but downright contrary about requests like this, to know me is to love me. 

However, it just so happens that I did get a very nice picture of Daisy the other day and also one of Nick.  SiL is right about one thing – Daisy is the very best one of my dogs. Nick is quite an evil cat – that’s why we like him!

8 thoughts on “don’t forget to floss!

  1. All of that wonderful pet love must have a good effect on your teeth! Happy birthday to you little love and speedy recovery and beautiful smiles to you all!

  2. How could anyone not love Poe? He’s the cutest ugliest little thing I’ve ever seen!

    And dayum do you have a nice cat!

    Hope the teeth get better soon.

  3. yay for daisy. at least we agree that daisy is a SWEET dog especially to put up with mr poe.he just doesn’t know what damage daisy or bridget could do if they get fed up ( harkin back to gizmo and lucy the one eyed wonders).
    but where is the pic of nick?????
    oh and i expect your big bro will want to respond to your charge that he is to blame for your tooth problem; alas i think the blame belongs to ‘gene'(s)
    happy day

  4. Poor Ann. I had all 4 of mine pulled in Alaska. What an experience…waiting for the oral surgeon to fly into our town for services. I had to wait months. Puked right after I walked out. And lost my freaking glasses while doped up on pain killers. I really loved those glasses. They were reddish. I wore red long before Sally Jesse Raphael.

  5. That’s right! Your daughters take riding lessons. My almost thirteen year old daughter has become obsessed with taking riding lessons. She did a few years ago (Western), but quit. Now all she wants to do is take English lessons. I’ve been looking all over trying to find info. on apparel, etc. Seems like a HUGE time commitment. How much time do your girls spend riding each week?

    By the way, hope you’re feeling better. :)

  6. awww my poor annie, i hope you are okay! Aren’t you too old for wisdom teeth? I heard they grow quickly at your age, if you ‘get happy’ in 2 minutes or less, better be careful! haha, and give —– a BIG birthday hug for me!

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