Daughter #1 had her wisdom teeth out this morning.  Everything went well – it is amazing how differently the sedative and now the Vicodin affected each of the girls.  D#1 is in much more of a stupor – although it is looking like she will be less swollen.  She is all set up on our sofa – pillow, blanket, remote control …. if her mouth weren’t throbbing, she’d be enjoying herself.

It is very hot and muggy here today – a good day to be stuck inside with the air conditioner going.  Just a few years ago, I would tough these days out – shooing the kids outside. 

I used to be a friend to the earth. 

Those days are over.  I still recycle and turn lights out.  I use a mulching mower – and try very hard not to use paper plates.  I have a compost pile.  I give bread crumbs to the birds.

But the air conditioner?  it saves my sanity, our mother/daughter relationships, my marriage ….

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