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I have finished the first of the Trekking Retro Rib socks and the second one is underway.  Daughter #2 has asked if she can have the pair, so the question of ownership is solved. 

When Kathleen showed up on Saturday she brought with her my next fix, which you see in the picture on the right.  I was directed towards SockBugs site via Margene.  As the name implies, Sockbug is a treasure trove of sock info —- for my next trick, I am going to try knitting both socks at the same time according to her instructions.

if you are Kathleen, move along – there is nothing more to read here.  Go and see what Vicki is up to.

if you are not Kathleen ……

You know how when bloggers all get together they talk about other bloggers?  c’mon – you know they do!  would you like to know a little something about Kathleen? 

I came across this tidbit when I wanted to pay her for the Trekking that she brought.  She said not to worry about it – that she would let me know what I owe her – that she put it on her tab.

Yes, you read that right.  Our Kathleen has a yarn shop tab.  She is the Norm of Granny’s!

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  1. And here I was thinking you were planning another spa day for me and your just talking about me and my “tab”. ;)

    I did get you good—or so I thought–did you EVEN notice. I posted the confession on my blog.

  2. Has something been OVERlooked in the p.swine household? I thought for sure I’d see a blown gasket over here…

    A knitting tab. I just love that!!!

  3. I love that sock! I can’t wait to have a finished trekking sock of my own!! :)

    I have pics ready and a wonderful post, but all crap has busted loose over here, and I am sluggish w/ the blog. But soon!

  4. Oh, the possibilities! A Yarn Tab! Holy Hannah! I would have to basically give them my paychecks! :)

    I prefer my TP to come over the top of the roll too Kathleen! But I don’t think I’ve ever changed it in someone’s house before! That took some cojones! :)

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