an aging whiner …..

The silence here yesterday was due in large part to ennui.  I am with Cara on this one and am ready for fall.  I am sick of the heat, thankful for yet sick of the air conditioning, sick of watering all the f-ing plants, sick of mowing the lawn, sick of salads and ready for soup.

I am ready for a change.

In two weeks Daughter #1 will be off for her fist semester at college.  I am also ready for that.  Yes, I am going to miss her.  No, I can’t believe it.  But our lives lately have been an anticipation of this event —- I am ready.  I want to stop counting down.  I want to stop obsessing if she has everything, if her roommate will be nice, if she will like it, if she will do well ….. let’s get the show on the road already!

In honor of my Fall Fever, may I present Backyard Leaves in progress?

Backyard_leaves_002 Backyard_leaves_003

and here are my Backyard Leaves musings ….

  • it’s a really cool pattern and Annie Modesitt is a knitting genius (did I tell you about how I met her, how I ended up in Knitter’s Magazine because of her?)
  • There will be a next one of these and I will knit it in some nubby brown stuff I have that I have forgotten the name of.  It’s on a cone, it’s from Webs – it is a bit scratchy now, but is supposed to bloom …..  it’s, it’s  Brora Softspun!  phew.
  • the next time I will knit both ends simultaneously
  • and I will use a temporary cast on and graft them together – I am surprised that this is not in the directions and wonder if there is a reason for it that I just don’t see at the moment ….

back to whining …. did I mention that Kathleen talked me into a Secret Pal Swap? I now have a case of performance anxiety.

9 thoughts on “an aging whiner …..

  1. Summer sucks. But back to school is always fun!

    Oh and I’m sure you’ll be a fabu secret pal. No worries! I’d be honored to have you as my own!

  2. I think we’re ALL ready for a change. We never have humidity and it has been brutal (above 50%) for a few days now. I want my cool desert nights back! I can bitch and whine on your blog, right?
    You’ll be a great pal!!

  3. Oh, I love soup! Soup and sandwiches, soup and bread, soup and crackers, or just plain soup — yummy — and it must makes you think “cozy,” doesn’t it?

    I’m sick of the hot and the a/c, too; not so crazy about the dim light in the morning of late. The shorter evenings aren’t bothering me yet — that just seems to equal more knitting time or something. I guess I operate better in the dark of evening than in the dark of morning. I’m think babbling. You’ll be a FAB PAL!! No doubt.

  4. Well, unless you’re MY pal, you’ll be great. And I’m sure MINE will be great, assuming she ever gets in contact with me. So far she sucks. (kidding! but I have not yet heard from her.) I want to do Backyard Leaves! NOW! And me too on the let’s have fall already thing. I just hope this summer is not a precursor of a really BRUTAL winter.

  5. I’m so glad I’m not the only one sick of summer. I try not to whine too much as it was hotter longer when we lived in South Carolina. But I would love to sit outside without getting bo and soaking wet.

  6. Love the pattern and re: the secret pal, they are a lot of fun! Enjoy! I too am looking forward to cooler weather, not necessarily returning to work though. Could you arrange for a cold front to approach?

  7. You’ll be a great pal. It’s easy. Really.

    Dropping a daughter off at school. It’s great. We were ready. More than ready, but I think moms and daughters anticipate it subconsciously and are sure to be ready. It will be swell. No worries.

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