without googling …..

can you finish this lyric?

My Pappy said
Son, you’re gonna drive me to drinkin’
If you don’t stop

A bunch of us have been taking a turn down memory lane on the radio dial. Just last week Daughter #2 and I were driving along and that song Seasons In The Sun came on. God do I remember that song. I thought it was so tragic —- I cried and cried everytime I heard it.

Goodbye Michelle, my little one …..
You gave me love and helped me find the sun.
And everytime that I was down
You would always come around
Get my feet back on the ground

Goodbye Michelle it’s hard to die.   ~sniff~
When all the birds are singing in the sky.   Oh God.
Now that the spring is in the air …..  argh
With the flowers everywhere   no, no!!
I wish that we could both be there.    wail

and when you’re 11, that starfish on the beach thing is pure poetry…..

15 thoughts on “without googling …..

  1. hey i knew that one! remember this lame one- billy don’t be a hero! the 70’s turned out some sappy songs! enjoyed catching up with u annie, your week was great, i just can’t get over the 3.00?? we need toSPEND more time together. x0

  2. drivin’ that hot rod Lincoln!

    Or was it a little deuce coupe… driven by a little old lady from Pasadena?

    Heheheh. Could I go all day connecting the dots with song references? Sometimes I think I could!

  3. We had joy, we had fun,
    We had seasons in the sun,
    But the hills that we climbed
    Were just seasons out of time

    (key change)

    I *loved* this song. Remember hearing it on the way to swimming lessons when I was about 6 years old…

  4. Sob! Oh I remember that song. I would be wrecked after listening to it, that and “Billy Don’t be a Hero” and what was that song about the drag racing that ended in a crash? My friend and I had a whole dance routine for that one! Or is that embarrassing to admit?

    Now it’s going to drive me crazy trying to remember!

  5. Thanks for the music flashback!

    I’ve put all sorts of old stuff that makes me cry on my iPod. Probably not the best idea, as I only listen to it while commuting. No wonder people look at me funny on the train.

    Of course, they probably would be looking at me funny anyway.

    This morning I was tearing up to “Mr. Soul” by Buffalo Springfield. Go figure.

  6. “Driving that Hot … Rod … Lincoln” (twang twang twang twang twang twang). Oddly enough I just heard this on the radio a few days ago – we were in the car and rolled down the window and sang at the top of our lungs. What fun! My grandma just bought a Lincoln (which will be appearing on the blog next week), but it isn’t a hot rod. Too posh.

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