Thank you for all the anniversary salutations.  Boar came home with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and then we went out to dinner.  When we got home, he went straight to bed (he is at the beginning stages of a head cold) and I watched some of my new favorite television shows.  Sorry to disappoint my commenters, Cara and The Riddler —- but no, I got none!  Which actually isn’t so bad —- I got flowers, dinner, great television and knitting time …….. the younger Ann might have felt slightly peeved, the older Ann thinks it all worked out beautifully!

so …… did you notice that allusion to knitting?  Yes, I have been knitting – almost done that 2nd sock.  Since it’s another RetroRib, I haven’t felt all that motivated to whip out the camera.  What I really need to do is get to work on the BWA —- when I started that project I thought I would have it finished to give to Boar for our anniversary.  Now, if I knuckle down, maybe I will finish it for his birthday.  Maybe.

With all of the charts, it’s not very portable.  So then I start a porto-project.  I get involved in porto-project.  BWA is neglected.

any suggestions?

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  1. Happy belated Anniversary! It’s ours today, though only 3 years… Not much to brag about at this point :-)

    I think dinner is on the schedule this evening…

  2. Oh, I do that ALL the time… start something too involved — big — to take on the road so start something simpler — small — and then get all carried away with the small and ignore the big. For me, I try to plug away little by little and then I usually hit a point — can’t say exactly when it is, but it’s when I’m closer to the finish than the beginning — and I’m totally consumed by it ’til completion. It’s like tunnel vision — don’t even talk to me!

  3. Happy Married Day to you!!

    Okay, so I’ve been “gone” from yee old blog. Staring at bloglines, wishing I could catch up with you all. And now I have.

    By the way – I’m coming to Rhinebeck, just decided this past weekend…did Cara tell you? Can we get Vicki drunk? ;)

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