Do you realize that Rhinebeck is this weekend? 

That is at the end of this week people! 

Not only that, but Vicki will be arriving on Thursday. 

The original plan was for Vicki to stay with Cara.  But Cara is a Jewish girl in need of a palm pilot —- she forgot that Yom Kippur is on Thursday. She didn’t forget exactly – just thought it was Thursday to Friday instead of Wednesday to Thursday.  If Cara had a palm pilot, then she could download this.  pretty cool!  I’ll let her play with mine this weekend – maybe that will convince her.

So what does this all mean?  Vicki is coming to my house!!

and what does that really mean?

time to clean!

do you think if I clean the carpet today that the dogs will understand and will cease with their little ‘accidents’?

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  1. Actually, I thought it was Tuesday to Wednesday. I had a Palm Pilot and I never used it. Although I did like your whole shopping list thing.

    I’m cleaning for Vicki too! Yay Vicki!

    Hey – are you bringing your wheel?

  2. I can’t wait for Saturday, but I’m starting to think we should all start praying for decent weather–as of right now, it’s not looking good, but there’s still time to change! (I hope, I hope!) Can’t wait to meet you!

  3. Those of us stuck in faraway places will someday descend uponl you for this annual October fiber ritual. Hard to say when, since I don’t have a Palm Pilot, myself. ;-) But someday!

  4. Ladies fear not!!! The fiber gods will prevail. The weather for Saturday and Sunday is cool but absolutely beautiful. Have fun!!!

  5. I’m damn impressed that I have two women diligently cleaning for me, it’s just too bad that I don’t have women cleaning FOR me, you know?

    I’m so excited, I can’t wait!!

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