what do you get when you goose a ghost?

A Handful of Sheet!!

The candidates:  Vicki, Norma, Cara & Kathleen …..

One thing is for sure —– it is not Kathleen.  She felt so terrible about having not delivered this package last week she was in something of a lather.  She left two messages on my machine regarding coming over yesterday.  No, it is not Kathleen —- she is a great knitter, but I wouldn’t think she is that great an actress.   Presumably, if it were her, she wouldn’t be so concerned about pissing herself off.

As for the other three, I cannot really say why I don’t think it is either Norma or Vicki.  Maybe it is because I am just positive it’s Cara.  And I am positive it’s Cara for a variety of reasons:

  • she will deny this, but she actually sent me an email saying she was my secret pal.  I have tried to find this email, but AOL is failing me.  trust me.  she did this.  she was probably hepped up on those Junior Caramel things she has been popping.
  • about a month ago – right around the time when Secret Pal Packages were on their way, she left a message on Vicki’s site about ‘being ready’.  It was all very mysterious.
  • right after that message, I got a little something from Vicki’s return address, but signed by my secret pal.
  • just yesterday, she left a comment on Kathleen’s site saying it was ‘good to hear’ from her.  Now, why would Kathleen be emailing and/or calling Cara? 
  • I’ll tell you why —- to let her know she had delivered the package — that’s why!

and perhaps the single most telling reason of all …..

  • she’s crazy – crazy enough to put herself through all of this extra trouble and enlist others in her demonic plan.

I rest my case.

Onto the pictures…… you want to see what she sent, don’t you?  That Cara is a great Secret Pal!  This package was all decked out for Halloween – complete with pumpkin Peeps (who knew?) and orange tissue paper.

Secretpal_001 Secretpal_002

a quick pic of Kathleen before my battery crapped out & festive package!  what the hell is Kathleen doing in that picture?

Secretpal_003 Secretpal_004

  • pig socks – three pair!
  • fact a day calendar – so I can torment you all next year!
  • vibrating spider – now you know I’ve already got my vibrating needs covered  ;)
  • sheepy magnet and little orange note pad
  • what package is complete without some fibery goodness?  Ta-da!!  Cherry Tree Hill yarn!  it is lovely!  You may or may not be able to see in that lousy picture that Cara my Secret Pal has cleverly covered the price tag on the yarn label with a pansy sticker.  One would think, "A-HA!  It’s Vicki – she loves pansies!"   hold on for one hot minute –   not so quick.  My Secret Pal is a master of psychological warfare – this is reverse psychosis.  A very clever ploy, but you have to get up earlier in the day to fool me, that’s for sure.  nice try Cara.  do you really think that I think Vicki is stupid enough to put a pansy sticker on her secret pal packages?  where’d you get that sticker?  did you have Vicki send you one, or did you buy an entire packet of pansies stickers just for this one glorious moment? 

11 thoughts on “what do you get when you goose a ghost?

  1. Paranoia Self-DESTROYA! You are fucking nuts. Seriously. You need help. And you’re calling me crazy! I am NOT your secret pal. But whatever. Believe what you will. ;-)

  2. It’s probably the one person you least suspect and even then what is the fun in having a “secret pal” if you know who they are???? Enjoy the mystery but don’t end up in a padded room over it. And you thought I was crazy!!! LOL

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