First thing, a little doggie update – I have had a few emails asking about the poochies:
The Boar and I thought that maybe Poe had regained a slight level of vision, shadows/light —– but the vet doesn’t think so.  He still sees nothing wrong with the eye itself –  healthy retina and optic nerve, just no vision.  He doesn’t rule out that there is a chance Poe could regain sight, but he also said that given the eye is healthy there is nothing further a pet ophthalmologist could do to fix it.   So Poe will keep the eye and hopefully something will regenerate …… in the meantime, he is driving me crazy!  and I am still not convinced he doesn’t see something.
After gaining a full pound, yay!, Mr. Mo has begun his puking again.  Although not in the amounts as before.  Last night I made pot roast for dinner.  Today I will put a touch of gravy on Mo’s food – let’s see if he doesn’t manage to keep it in.  Otherwise, he is lively and barking at everyone who passes by. 
Knitting……. well, I have been spending way, way, way too much time online and have not done very much knitting.  My hand is aching because of it – ironic, no?  The knit blogger will get carpel tunnel from the blogging not the knitting.  I have recently discovered this and I am addicted.  I have sworn not to go on my laptop today (I am using our office computer for this post) and am hoping my hand feels better.  I will use all of my laptop time to get some rows done on the BWA project.
That being said, I won’t be around commenting today either …… try to soldier on without me ….. be brave!

11 thoughts on “ouch!

  1. Ha – I refuse to be sucked in by your silly plan to entice all of us away from our knitting and into Sudoku. I sent the link to my husband and son instead. I had plans on getting up this morning and finishing at least one looong row of Peacock Feathers with my coffee, but instead I’ve spent the entire time catching up on blog reading. Sign.

  2. Gah! Look what you’ve done to me. It’s the end of the month, and I should be working, but noooooo. I’ve got everyone in my office playing Sudoku. You are evil.

  3. No commenting? WAH! You mean you won’t be out there spreading lies about me through blogville? ;-)


    Yay for Poe and Mo. I think. It’s good news, right?

    Feel better.

  4. ooh, i LOVE su doku! i do the one in the paper every day (and the crossword puzzle) and i love it so much i bought a book of them. i can’t do them online, though, i have to have a pen and paper.

  5. oh Soduko! Evil Soduko. I’ve lost my husband and good friend to that game. I’m not going in that direction, now don’t even tempt me. Just one more thing to keep me away from housework. ;)

  6. I’ve been lurking hoping to read that the doggies were doing better. Thanks for the report.

    so um, when will we see the new hair do?

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