short and stout

Nov_8_006 Nov_8_007

Check it out – the piggie teapot and tea that my Secret Better Pal sent!  For those of you who are unfamiliar with these swaps, it is run much like a secret Santa complete with guidelines, including spending limits.  Well, my pal is a rulebreaker – she is thumbing her nose at spending limits.  She don’t need no stinkin’ spending limits. F*** spending limits is what she says.  (my pal has a mouth on her let me tell you what) 

You all know who I think my pal is, ahem.  Tell me, who do you think it is?  and why?

Are you all jealous about my best-pal-in-the-world?

Would it put you right over the edge to hear that I had the house to myself for the entire weekend?

That I did nothing but go out to eat and knit with girlfriends?

D#1’s school held a siblings’ weekend.  Boar took D#2.  Except for giant traveling fiascos on their trip home (their plane was delayed for 7 hours!) they all had a great time.

Me too!

Nov_8_001 Nov_8_003

did you count them up?  only one more repeat and the front is finished – maybe there is hope for a Christmas deadline yet!

14 thoughts on “short and stout

  1. Wow! What an adorable teapot!

    And Ann, may I just say, YOU ROCK!!!!!! Way to go on that sweater! Boss it around, and tell it who’s in charge!

    You go girl!

    And yes, you have the best-est secret pal!

  2. Hey, I collect teapots you know! That is a cute one. Great for a pig lover. I’m still thinking of knitting that tea cozy that you sent me the link for. To cover my sheepy teapots, cuz I collect sheepy things too! :)

    I want a weekend free to knit. Next time you get one, I’ll expect my invite.

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