silence is golden

if my stats are any indication!

what do you think this means ….. 

  • I don’t post an entry all day but my stats are much higher than normal
  • Margene linked to me numerous times

Here’s what I think – from now on, I will not post but instead other bloggers will mention me and/or my site everyday in their entries.

Vicki, Cara, Kathleen?  you’re on for tomorrow.

Norma and Carole will cover Thursday.

Snow and Wendy on Friday.

do you all understand your responsibilities?  I will post next week’s schedule shortly.

14 thoughts on “silence is golden

  1. Hey Ann – someone I am acquainted with asked me to knit something for them today, and I SAID NO! I remembered your criteria, “would this person spend an equivalent amount of time doing something for me,” and the answer was clearly no, so I just told them that I was backlogged with holiday knitting and would let them know if I could work it in. Don’t call us, we’ll call you. Heh. That post about knitting for others you wrote a while back is still inspiring me!

  2. I’m with Norma. Show me the money. Or, in this case, Junior Caramels will work fine.

    Although, I think Norma and Margene will get you a hell of a lot more hits than I will.

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