The topic for this month’s spinning guild meeting was skirting a fleece.  Which answers the question, ‘The wool is off the sheep, now what?’  One of the members volunteers at a local learning farm.  She brought in the fleece from the farm’s Jacob sheep after their annual shearing.  To be more precise, she referred to them as a bunch of inbred knuckleheads bearing some resemblence to Jacob sheep…..

We were all invited to take some home.  My bag of fleece has not made it into the house – it is sitting on my front porch.  It is far too ‘ripe’ to cross the threshold.  Full of shit, piss and hay.

I betcha this is what Bruce smells like after 3½ hours onstage.

still not sure what I’m talking about? 

How about the magic of Scrath-n-Sniff?  here’s what to do, scratch your ass and sniff your fingers.

That’s what this thing smells like.

now go and wash your hands.

Cara went to see Bruce last night, I wonder what she smells like?

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  1. Ok, came over today coz Carol sent me coz it’s her day ‘n’ all, and may I say eeeeeewwww… Funny, and probably very realistic, but eeeewwwww…

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