Something highly unusual has happened her at the Sty. People have given me prezzies …. and I haven’t thought they were from Cara! How about that for something different?!

On Friday the cute little pig measuring tape arrived in my mailbox. Liz saw it and thought of me. You know the old saying, find a pig, pick it up, send it to Ann, all day long you’ll have good luck Thank you Liz —- I love it!! and will think of you every time I pull its tail!

Next up is a Christmas present from Kathleen. I love this coffee mug – Got Gauge? items support Heifer International which is such a worthwhile charity. But, back to the mug – I am a coffee junkie, and therefore somewhat particular about my mugs. This one is the perfect heft. Kathleen had to drop it off early because Kevin was coveting it.

Thank you pals!!

On the knitting front, I am attempting to finish all projects before beginning another. My aim is to have a nanosecond when there is nothing on the needles. Having recently finished the sweater and now the socks, I have only this shawl/scarf thing going at the moment. It is something of a monster, 360 stitches per row!, so I don’t know if I will be able to persevere and keep going with no other distractions, but I am going to try. I don’t want to start Irish Moss until after the holiday hub bub is over. My next pair of socks will be Jaywalkers and I am waiting for a pair of Addi’s size 1 to arrive ….. speaking of, I found great price on these, here is the ebay link. I am waiting for my shipment, but this person has great feedback, so I am confident that this isn’t too good to be true.

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  1. Aww, I’m so glad you like it! SO you’ll show us your current tape measure collection right? I would hate to send you one you already have! The tail and nose as button are my favorite parts! :)

    Merry Christmas Ann!

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