put one foot in front of the other ….

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I started the new year with fiber. First I had a bowl of Shredded Wheat for breakfast and then I dug out my STR and cast on for Jaywalkers! Hard to believe, but Cara tells me that she does not have this particular colorway – Lagoon. I don’t know if this could possibly be true – logic would dictate, no. Her STR stash is ginormous, so this could be the knitter’s version of Roswell.

I spent most of yesterday knitting and watching the Monk marathon on USA network. I took a break from Jaywalking to monkey around with some of my very own handspun – which is in the picture on the left. I finished spinning this at Cara’s and then came home and plyed it. I started off making a Mistake Rib scarf, but wasn’t thrilled with the results ….. any ideas? I have approximately 260 yards.

I have one knitting resolution for the year – I will keep better records of my projects. For example, my handspun? I have no idea what it is or where I got it …… all of that is going to change. Do you have a wonderful method for keeping track? I am open to any and all suggestions!

and before I go ….. check out Jen La #64 and #65 :)

11 thoughts on “put one foot in front of the other ….

  1. Isn’t it fun to make the cut at Jenla? I keep track of everything in my Typepad photo albums and I have a little book to remind me what I should be working on at any given time. Sometimes it works;-)

  2. Love the Lagoon! I know why I don’t have it in the stash – because I’m not so into the blues and greens right now.

    And the hanspun looks so purty – even if it does make me feel like crap about my own spinning! ;-)

  3. Congrats on your “sleuthing” award. I friendly with a celebrity of sorts!! Happy New Year. & Congrats to Cara for her mention in the @nd Annual…

  4. Beautiful handspun. So muted and understated. I love it.

    I keep track of my projects and the yarn, etc. details in a good old fashioned cheapy photo album. The kind that has two photo slots one on top of the other. I take a picture of the yarn and/or FO and put it in the top slot then in the slot below, I put a notecard with the details – name of yarn, price, where I got it, needle size, etc. Sometimes I even stable a scrap of yarn to it.

    I know – very primitive – but it works well for me. And I love to flip through and look at everything.

  5. One of my idiosyncracies is that I keep a leather-bound knitting journal with ball bands and scraps of yarn pasted in. I keep all my notes on my knitting that way. Blogging about my knitting has cut into my knitting-journal efficiency in a big way, and I haven’t kept ball bands and scraps nearly as well as I used to.

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