something not from me …

***Here is an email I received from my friend Carol – you may have seen her in my comments section. How about it ladies, does this gal need a blog or what?? Leave a comment and maybe we can heckle and harass her into it…..

Dear Ann:

Happy New Year!! Hopefully this new year will begin well as we have had alot of heartache during the last 2 months of 2005. We are healing, but hearts never mend from loss.

On another note…. funny story.

A patient’s grandmother comes in with her granddaughter for all her appts. Nice little old italian lady. Always asks about my ailing dad, gave me a mass card when I lost my brother-in-law, etc. Anyway, she gave me some advice about putting a “paper dollar” (like there is anything else??, I know, Susan B. Anthony but I don’t think she even knows or remembers that stupid waste of coin) under my front entrance mat on New Year’s Eve and bring it in on New Year’s Day. Buona Fortuna, buona fortuna…you can leave this place is what she said to me. Anyway, I thought her superstition was amusing and passed the advice on to all my acquaintances (sorry, as you can see it is a lot to write and interpret. Alot is being lost in this translation but I do wish you luck too and now after this you can pass it on for the masses to hear and be interpreted better by you). Well, one of my friends was in Atlantic City yesterday and played some game called “let it ride”. She got the mother of all poker hands…royal straight flush and won…ready…..$45,000!!! No, I did not make a mistake with the zeros. FORTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS @ The Showboat Hotel & Casino. She got her picture taken and everything. Her husband left her to play something else and came back to brag about his $200 win and there she was being photographed with a big check. Can you imagine??? I am so happy for her. I just kept thinking “veterinary school tuition” for my current daughter who is a junior in high school and presently looking at colleges. Choke choke choke. Good things come to those who wait, some of us wait longer than others.

I am proud Cara & Jen loved your pig charm. It is so you and am glad you are enjoying this little trinket that came with a lot of love. Curious George does “light up” in its own way because every time she looks at it, it reminds her of you!! I did find Tinkerbell, but not in time for the holidays. She is back ordered. Maybe a Valentine’s Day treat. She is down with love right now and “men are scum”. Oh to be a 19 year old again….MAYBE NOT.

I have not picked up any knitting of late. Life was so crazy and it probably would have relaxed me some, although I probably would not have been able to concentrate. I did make quite a few scarf and hat sets for my daughters’ friends and a few pairs of leg warmers as well (inspired by your daughter #2 entry). Hoping to take on a new project soon. I do not have a “stash” yet but I am sure will.

Hope all is well with you and enjoying your first holiday with your college baby.

See you in the blogs……….by the way, loved Margene’s very friendly blue sweater. OMG. I will never have the skills you ladies have but I love to look.

Peace, health & happiness


4 thoughts on “something not from me …

  1. Carol oh Carol, where is your blog?! I love your stories and could have used the $1 under my mat on NYE tip about 4 days ago. ;) Check out bloglines…

    And Ann, I do love the pig charm. Have you figured out how it knows to light up yet?

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