D#2 had her remaining wisdom teeth taken out this morning. At the beginning of the summer, two came out and today it was time for the other two. Poor girl – she is all groggy from the sedation and puffy to boot. At the moment she is taking a nap with Mr. Poe.

Not much to report on the fiber front. I am making some progress on my STR Jaywalkers, but knitting was light yesterday so I am not as far along as I expected to be. Not that there’s a deadline or anything!

I have been busy keeping a fiberly New Year’s resolution. I have been organizing my knitting pictures from years past and trying to remember what pattern and yarn. I have them in two folders 2004/2005. All of this is on the computer at the moment, but I am going to have Boar show me how to burn them onto a CD. It has been a revelation – even though I have plenty of pictures, there are loads of things knitted that were never photographed. So the minute these Jaywalkers come off the needles, I will be snapping their picture!

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  1. Hopefully she won’t be in too much pain. Ice cream time!
    Good for you in getting pictures burned and saved. I’m asking for trouble by not doing mine. Maybe tonight! (But I might be watching Thundercrack instead).

  2. Poor D#2. I hope she’s better soon.

    I tend to have loads and loads of knitting pics, but rarely manage to photograph something once its completely finished. I’ll take blocking photos, even, but rarely a truly finished photo. Why is that?

  3. Was D2 feeling pain from her wisdom teeth? She’ll feel better soon. I recommend Cream of Wheat, Jello, and chocolate milk shakes. ; )

    Pictures! I need to do some housecleaning, too. Good for you for stickin’ with it.

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