abc easy as 123 …..

If you look in the left side-bar of this site, you will see that I have joined the ABC Along 2006. The description of this group reads,

“This is a year-long group whose members will be taking a photo of something matching the appropriate week’s letter of the alphabet (week 1 is A, week 2 is B, etc.) that has some special meaning to them. Most of the group members are knitters and/or spinners.”

pretty clever idea I thought. Plus my first picture was so easy. Let’s see, something that starts with an A that has special meaning to me…… what could be more special to me than me?!


OMG, couldn’t you just die of the cuteness??

**other ABCers out there, feel free to use this image —- I know I’m your most special A!

12 thoughts on “abc easy as 123 …..

  1. Ok, you are the cutest A to ever cross my virtual path, but why is it that all I can think of is Alpaca? I LOVE Alpaca!!!! Knowing me, I’d probably take a picture of every possible fiber I can spin that begins with each letter… I’m dippy like that… :)

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