High winds and pouring rain. blah!

My spinning guild is having our Roc Party or St. Distaff’s party tonight. As is the custom, rather than bringing a grab bag gift, we will be exchanging 2 ounces of our own handspun. I need to wind some off and wrap up.

Not much else is going on —- it is a stormy, gray day and all the dogs & cats are laying about. So am I. I need to get my arse in gear and do something!


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  1. while skimming your blog I noticed you put a picture of animals on it. What are those? Are they yours? What are their names? You should blog about them

  2. so happy to see nick and bridget laying peacefully together. what a pair .
    you should post the pics i took on your camera of nick and holly on the sofa at christmas . it was too sweet

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