Cara’s out there dissing me. I am sure you’ve heard the news ….. I AM A SKIMMER. That’s right – a skimmer.

Main Entry: [1]skim
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): skimmed; skim·ming
Etymology: Middle English skymmen
Date: 14th century
transitive senses
1 a : to clear (a liquid) of scum or floating substance <skim boiling syrup> b : to remove (as film or scum) from the surface of a liquid c : to remove cream from by skimming d : to remove the best or most easily obtainable contents from
2 : to read, study, or examine superficially and rapidly; especially : to glance through (as a book) for the chief ideas or the plot
3 : to throw in a gliding path; especially : to throw so as to ricochet along the surface of water
4 : to cover with or as if with a film, scum, or coat
5 : to pass swiftly or lightly over
6 : to remove or conceal (as a portion of casino profits) to avoid payment of taxes
intransitive senses
1 a : to pass lightly or hastily : glide or skip along, above, or near a surface b : to give a cursory glance, consideration, or reading
2 : to become coated with a thin layer of film or scum
3 : to put on a finishing coat of plaster

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I like to think of what I do as a combination of definitions c & d —- a removing of the cream, the best of what is being said ……. and so if I occasionally miss your little bon mot about how cute Georgie is when he wrinkles his nose that certain way, or about how you caught a drop of Springsteen’s sweat on your tongue at that concert you went to and didn’t brush for a year afterward, it’s to be expected. I think what really bothers Cara is not my skimming so much as my Alzheimer’s. Yeah, I read it, I just didn’t retain it. The only thing I retain these days is water. Now which one of you biatches is going to make me a button – a Skimmer/Retention Challenged button??

and won’t you all be sorry soon ……. take a look at this


see that?! No I did not make it, but last night at Guild I signed up to take spinning lessons from the woman who did! (she is selling her stuff at The Point and Now and Zen) Now that I have signed up to learn at the feet of a master, it shouldn’t be too long before I am churning out some high quality stuff. And when I get this good and become a world famous spinner I will forget your names.

not that I ever really knew them in the first place. ;)

14 thoughts on “

  1. I’ll have you know that I read Cara’s post as saying you were slimmer. And while trying to read –ahem– skim the definition above I read 1a., at the bottom, as pass gas. Dyslexia, gotta love it.

  2. LOL! You read it…you just didn’t retain it!! (I’ll have you know, you had me sitting in front of my computer, laughing – good thing no-one else is here!).

    Love the yarn! Best wishes with the spinning.

  3. I was going to make a crack about you being outed as a skimmer but now that you will soon be “spinner extraordinaire” I have to play nice. I want some nice yarn and maybe lessons since I hope to buy a wheel at some point in the next 12 months.

    I love you Ann, you are absolutely the best blogger ever!!!

    (you do believe me don’t you?)

  4. I must confess. I, too, am a skimmer. Hey… I’ve got a toddler climbing all over me while I’m trying to read blogs. I skim to see what’s happening and then sometimes I slow down to take in all the details. If folks want us to stop skimming then get to the point and don’t leave out any juicy details.



  5. Heh, you can tell Cara, “only the pond kind!”

    I’m a skimmer as well. And a damned lousy commenter and I don’t retain shit (well, maybe I do, but that is a whole different conversation).

  6. Eh, I think we’re all closet skimmers, you’re the only one to fess up. I usually only leave a blog on my list if the blogger regularly posts pictures. ;-) I’m a skimmer too.

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