let me first say that this is an abbreviated post since I have spent most of my blogging time being frustrated by Typepad. Yesterday I thought I was losing my mind somewhat when I saw my post – I was certain I had added a little sentence or two about it being my birthday and that was the reason for the picture of the fancy pig in pearls. When it didn’t show up on the screen, I figured I had done something wrong. Now this morning, my photos are being eaten. I have been trying to post these all as pop-ups, but it seems that Typepad feels these would be better as embedded images. Who am I to argue?? maybe I should seriously consider whatever our friend Snow has switched to…..

P1230007_edited_2 P1250015

So here are pictures of my birthday presents. I was a very spoiled birthday girl who’s friends went way overboard! On the left is a package that arrived from Cara! yes, it’s true – presents from Cara as I live and breathe!! this is a piggy sampler pack – those square stacking barnyard creatures actually serenade you with a variety of songs! On the right are felted clogs from Kathleen – she stopped by Granny’s yesterday to drop them off and I wore them for the rest of the day. They are so comfy and cozy! gotta love the job where it is okay to wear slippers! and yes, for all of you who predicted that this job would end up costing me money … you were right, I am in the hole for $36 so far!

P1250011_edited_1 P1250012_edited P1250013_edited

from left to right – a lovely Lantern Moon knitting basket, hand creme and stitch markers from Peggy, a pig platter from Claire and a rooster oil painting from Gail ……

then in things not pictured – a bread cookbook from Ricki, piggy banks from Jean, aroma oils from Lisa, a CD from the daughters and a Woolee Winder from the Boar! and all of this is in addition to being winded and dined!

you would think that with this kind of fanfare that I had turned some significant number ….. but no, I am 43, which is a very good age to be, but nothing to start tossing the confetti over …… I think I am simply spoiled and that is all there is to it.

unless they all caught wind of this bullshit and felt bad for me …..

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  1. Well Happy Birthday to you. I think everyone should spend their birthday in comfy slippers. Just think of it, people walking down the street in business attire and slippers, “Hey, Happy Birthday!”

  2. WOW! That some haul! But I’m not sure about being winded. That doesn’t sound like much fun. Tell me, is it fund to be winded? ;-)

    Happy Birthday dear girl. 43 ain’t so bad. Well, unless you’re my husband. He’s 43 and needs a new hip. Love you!

  3. Firstly, I don’t care if someone is turning 3, 43 or 143 … all birthdays are worth celebrating. Secondly, holy cow you got a lot of great loot!! Being spoiled is a good thing. :)

  4. I’m glad you were appropriately gifted as well as wined and dined. Screw that worst day of the year crap. The people who figured that one out obviously don’t know you.

  5. See now if I had known your borthday had just passed, I might not have busted your chops so hard today! Well ok, maybe I would have, but I would have wished you a happy birthday 1st! ;-)

    Looks like you got some wonderful gifts! Use them well.

    It was so nice to meet you today! Thanks for the visual mini lesson – as soon as I get a second set of Addi’s (in EVERY size of course) I’ll give it a try (and I know where to look if it all goes to hell!)

  6. Hi Ann,

    Belated birthday greetings. Saw your comment regarding me on Wendy’s blog. My needles are being delivered tomorrow. I will come into the shop to show you my progress when it happens.


  7. So glad you had a wonderful birthday and received such lovely gifties! May you have another 364 equally wonderful days! I really enjoyed meeting you the other day. You’re a super person and fabby knitter! (I was with Dani when we stopped in Granny’s on Thursday) Take care! ~Karen

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