it has not been easy to be one of my pets these past few months. In the fall, we had to put our Shih Tzu Mo to sleep. Next our dog Daisy was diagnosed with a heart condition, which we monitor daily. And today, our cat Holly passed away. As recently as the beginning of the year, she had been the picture of feline health. The past two weeks were a different story however. She was critically ill and after doing some tests, the vet thought that she most likely had cancer of her spleen. The only consolation is that she died while being petted.

30 thoughts on “:(

  1. I think your pets have been very lucky to have you love them and care for them the way you do. I’m so sorry to hear about your Holly.

  2. Holly was such a beautiful cat. I will fondly remember how she loved drinking out of your kitchen faucet. God Bless her little soul.

  3. holly was a sweetie and she did well living in a home filled with dogs.i am thankful that she didn’t suffer long and died knowing that she wasn’t alone.i hope nick won’t be too lonely without holly

  4. I haven’t visited you in a while ann, Im so sorry poor little holly isn’t with us anymore. Your poor family has been through too many heart aches. I hope the rest of the year will be all good things. xoxo

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