The Pug Shack

When you spend weeks trolling Petfinder and various animal shelter sites it should come as no surprise that you find two dogs that you MUST HAVE!  But it was a surprise – a big surprise!

The short version :

On Wednesday evening I had a Facebook alert from D#1 about two little pugs at a shelter in western New York.  By noon on Thursday I got a call telling me I was approved to adopt them!  and 3 hours later I was on the road for a 2 day, 12 hour drive to pick them up!!  whew, it was crazy, wonderful and dizzying!! So many plans had to be quickly made (hotels, copilots, dog care for Poe) and so many plans had to be broken (no Vogue Live, no walk in Central Park, no birthday slumber party with Cara! sorry pals!)

Luckily I was not alone on this adventure — Kathleen was up for a spontaneous road trip and it was a good thing too since these little girls spent the entire car trip home sitting on her lap!  They are so energetic (don’t let all the napping fool you) that they were able to leap from the back seat to the front seat despite the canvas dog barrier I have.


The bad news is that I may never knit again — my lap is constantly full of pugs!  I KNOW, I KNOW I need to set limits … but seriously ….. look at this ….


while there may be no knitting to show, we have been busy on social media (I can manage to use my phone even with all three on top of me!). Officially The Pug Shack on  Instagram, Facebook and their own (which leads right here since purlingswine may end up being a 24/7 pug blog!)



IMAG0932 I realize that by the looks of things around here one might think that I had only  one dog.  In fact, I have three:

  1.  Bridget, a shepherd mix
  2.  Lucy, a fawn pug
  3. Poe, the black pug

Only one of them sits in my lap and as a result is frequently in picture range.  Lucy and Bridget are older, more refined ladies who are happiest with an occasional scratch and then prefer to nap in peace and quiet.  Away from little black pugs and viewfinders.

Somehow, even if I am trying to be all casual about it acting like I’m just on the phone or looking something up – they always seem to know that I am taking their picture.  And then they throw me dirty looks and move away or out of the position of unbearable cuteness!

So the blog is black pug heavy as a result.

but OMG how damn cute is he????

Mr. Boar and I have been busy updating the den and office.  New carpet, paint, lighting, molding, railing, ceiling fan.  Since we are do-it-ourselvesers this has been a three week long undertaking.  The house has been in complete disarray – which is a situation I do not usually handle with grace.

Well, the carpet was installed this morning – thankfully Boar does not insist that we do that portion of the job!  Here is a quick video of the dogs reaction – and yes, I am on pee-on-the-new-carpet patrol!