aphids on my roses

lest you think that only the Olympic Knitters are experiencing the Sturm und Drang of high pressure knitting, I shall tell you about my evening. Which actually began a year ago.

Around this time last year, Kathleen, Peggy, Ricki and I got together for a bit of knitting. Somehow the talk turned to the latest edition of Vogue Knitting and Nicky Epstein’s pattern for a trellised, floral bag. Perhpas it was the bleakness of winter, but a mania swept over us with an urgent need to knit this pattern. Yarn was ordered.

and back ordered.

and back ordered.

By the time the yarn finally arrived – (this past October, I believe) – flower bag fever had subsided.

At least for some of us.

Kathleen and I wanted to turn the yarn into felted slippers.

but NO. we have to knit this bag. At least that’s what Peggy and Ricki say. Actually what they say is that is is perfectly fine for Kathleen to change her mind. But not Ann. Ann must knit this bag.

We gathered at Ricki’s to knit. Ricki provided the bribe – carrot cake. I had four false starts. Which I blame entirely on Cara. (She called last night in a panic over her mitten thumbs – having a real tantrum over the fact that she left this project til the last minute, thinking it was a no brainer despite me telling her she better keep knitting it. Dude, she said, it’s so easy, it’s not a problem, it’s just thumbs. I could knit them in my sleep.)

Note to all Friends of Ann: if you call seeking advice, and Ann gives you good, solid advice which you roundly reject, do not be surprised when hysterical laughter erupts upon discovery. This is Ann’s way of saying I told you so.

I am convinced that Cara put a spell on me. I had to cast on four different times. By the end of the evening, I got through one pattern repeat, Peggy had a whole section just about finished, Ricki was moving along nicely and Kathleen was taking hers home to rip.

ps. carrot cake was delicious!

15 thoughts on “aphids on my roses

  1. You and Cara throw the bad luck mojo back and forth. I’m quite sure the thumbs would have given her no problem had it not been your opinion otherwise.

    You guys are in a loop, bonded for life…

    Damn I missed the carrot cake…

  2. I may also be cursed…. I got a wicked cold. My husband is threatening to ban me from the closing ceremonies if I don’t get better by Sunday.

    At least you have support to make the bag – when it’s done, you’ll like it. Ricki sure is pushy, eh?

    : )

  3. That Flower Bag! I’m trying so hard not to get the yarn to knit the damn thing, I’d look insane carrying it around. And there is no chance I’d give it up.

    I thought all cast ons were cursed. It’s when I discover, time and time again, that I cannot count consecutively.

  4. I’ve been reading your blog for nearly a year and am finally de-lurking! You must knit the flower bag-it is so completely worth the effort. I made mine back when you ordered the yarn for yours! I love it and carry it every where no matter how foolish I look!

  5. Heh, I’m giggling over here. It’s funny, that’s exactly how I say I told you so to my friends too! :)

    I would do a lot for carrot cake… But knit a whole bag after 4 tries? You are a more dilligent swine than I my dear!

    Have a great weekend Ann!

  6. I guess it’s a good thing you didn’t get to NYC – then you would have been laughing in Cara’s face, rather than over the phone. And after that Ikea incident and your The Shining pictures…well, it may not have been pretty. :-)

    Too bad we all missed that carrot cake!

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