Ann can’t play Mrs. Torrence

This miserable headcold has gotten the better of me and I had to cancel my plans with Cara. boo-hoo! No excellent city adventures, no matzo ball soup! ~sniff~

Fear not darlings – although illness has kept me from playing with Cara today, I am never too sick to play with Cara!

Come play with us Cara!

[original picture of hallway shamelessly lifted from januaryone and mercilessly hacked to bits by me]

19 thoughts on “Ann can’t play Mrs. Torrence

  1. I have to tell you, that picture gave me the creeps! All it needed was Jack Nicholson and a hatchet! You are evil. By the way, is the mini webring link still in your sidebar? I was going to see if any one new had joined and can’t find it. Like the new little pigs though. Get well.

  2. Oh, that is TOO FUNNY. Now Cara has ONE MORE THING to be afraid of in her hallway. Not that she needs anything more! Stop coughing! I can’t concentrate on my work!

  3. AH HA HAHAHAHHAHAH! Too funny. That hallway is so freaking scary. I swear I saw the twins before Cara even said anything about her own freakouts. And I was about to hop in the shower now, too…THAT’s not going to happen.

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