things that make you go hmmm….

You might think that because this is a knitting blog, written by someone who likes working with and talking about fiber that today’s post would be all about the wonderful spinning class I had yesterday. And it was a great day – so much spinning that I started getting a bit tired and cranky! So much spinning that I shall show you some pictures tomorrow. But for now there are more pressing concerns ….. literally.

On our way into the spinning class yesterday, I felt a dreaded poking. A sharp little poking just under the left boob. You know that initial little metalic poke? It’s the old underwire’s divorce decree ….. it is going to give up the will to support you. But you think that this marriage might be saved – it just about really hurts, but not quite and so you simply tuck that underwire back into its pocket and continue your day. But every now and then it worms its way out in a clear signal that this is no longer your favorite bra?

Well, that is what happened to me. Not a disaster by any means and the spinning lesson was indeed wonderful.

After a full day of spinning, I had to run to Target and while there I decided to take a look at their bras. I have a love/hate relationship with Target’s clothes. I keep making solemn vows to stop buying cheap clothes, because cheap clothes don’t hold up well and don’t flatter and I am worth the extra $$ and all that [cue the inspiring music] But the lure of Target is sometimes too great and now I’ve got an underwire about to come hurtling out of my chest.

I was fairly delighted to see that they carry the Just My Size line. For anyone not in the know, this is a brand for larger women. Department stores do a fairly decent job in their women’s departments, but the hunt for large size bras, panties and even belts is always on. By the way, while shopping with Claire the other day, she was buying bras I had myself measured – you know how we are all allegedly wearing the wrong size bra etc. ……. well the measuring tape said I was a D cup. There is no way. Claire was all ‘no way’, the saleslady was all ‘no way’ and measured again and then said I had to try things on anyway because cups change from brand to brand. WTF?? when are the measurements the measurements. Why the shifting sands??!!!

But back to my tale of two boobs …… So I buy a C cup Just My Size bra, note that it is only twelve dollars and those department store bras were $60 and up and wonder how my delight fits in with my solemn vow but nevermind and end up buying two JMS bras.

It is only when I get home that I try them on ….. I know I should try them on at the store, but I just wanted to get the hell home. It had been a long day.

So anyway, I bet you are thinking that this is the part where I find out it doesn’t pay to buy cheap bras, or that I really am a D cup …… but you’re wrong. Those C cup bras fit great, are comfortable and look great too.

But this is what I did find out ….. in trying them on, I took off the tags and one of them was some kind of prepaid company postcard to reply about my feelings about their product ……. the Just My Size brand?

it’s owned by Sara Lee.

17 thoughts on “things that make you go hmmm….

  1. Who’da thunk it! Boy do I know that “stabbing” feeling! Hitting up Target as a matter of factly today. (yanking at said undergarment as I post)

  2. Heh, somehow I am not surprised… :) Oh, whole days of spinning… I am so envious… My wheels miss me… I think I will be reacquainting myself with them tonight… :)

  3. Really? Sara Lee? Hmm.

    You had me laughing with the bra-poking story! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that happen…and kept tucking the damn wire back in, only to have it come poking out again. Hehe!

    The bra size thing. It’s because if you buy a bra that’s a 36, chances are, it’s not 36″ (like you would think it would be, since that’s what your back measured to) -it’s probably 32″ (hence, the add 4″ or 5″ to get the right size). AND the sizing will vary, depending on brand and/or bra style. My point? It’s not women who have the wrong bra size! It’s the freakin manufacturers who don’t know how to make bras the right size!

    Anyway, glad JMS worked for you. Lane Bryant usually has good sizing, too. :-)

  4. I love the JMS line–especially their jeans. But for undergarments, Lane Bryant all the way! Especially if you can time it to when they’re having a sale ($12.50 for one pair of panties, I think not!)
    I don’t have the underwire problem…I loathe underwires, never worn ’em, which makes it 1,000 times harder to find a good bra.
    I wish we had more measurement-related sizing, and that it was accurate. Sigh. And men wonder why it takes us so freakin’ long to clothes-shop?!

  5. I totally freaking hate that underwire jab. I need new bras too…was just wondering about the whole entire measure/size thing. Not sure mine are right these days…And remember–nobody does it like Sara Lee!

  6. Why – WHY – is the underwire so sharp? Why don’t they wind up the end of the wire into a little ball, so that it doesn’t slice through the fabric like a razor blade? WHY???

    Although I have to admit, I’ve become a ninja master of the grab-the-middle-tug-the-armpit move.

  7. That’s wild. Sara Lee and Just My Size? Nancy’s right, they’re creating their customer base. Yum, Sara Lee.

    Wow, I never thought of anyone else suffering the stabbing underwire bra.

  8. I hate hate hate shopping for bras, hate the poking thing too. I tried on 18 bras last time I went shopping bought one and I don’t like it. Every time I find one I like and go back to get another they don’t make that style anymore. Thanks for this story it made my day.

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