my very first 3-ply.
it came of wanting to clean up little bits remaining on the bobbins

oops! can’t remember what this is
I have a pug sleeping in my lap so I can’t look it up

previous single plyed with confetti wool from CopperMoose

this is what I worked on at spinning class
it’s some magical elixir whipped up by Peggy!

11 thoughts on “fiber!

  1. Very nice! :) I’m laughing at myself right now, though, because when I first glanced at your blog for today I thought the yellow yarn was an easter ducky or something. *lol*

  2. Ooh, yummy! Your spinning is so nice and even.

    I keep pretending I spin like crap on purpose and I’m calling it “art”. Any bets on how many years I can keep that up?

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