So you want some D#2 details??

Well, let’s see …. this summer she will be turning 16! Which of course is a completely depressing thought – how is it possible for me to have a 19 year old and a 16 year old?? Aren’t I much too young for this? I must have been a teenaged run around ……. but enough about me, you want D#2 details……..

She is an animal lover, word writer, book reader, picture taker, flute player, horse rider. She’s creative and messy. She’s sweet and sassy!

4 thoughts on “Details?

  1. Ann says ” Aren’t I much too young for this?”

    I say–more power to you! Just think of how much more fun you’ll have with them both out of the house while you’re still young! If Steve and I are blessed with offspring, I’ll be in my 60s when they get married…assuming they don’t wait as long as I did…

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