Yes, I have to eat some crow – pass the salt.

D#2 has just now returned from school. She denied any knowledge of the camera cable and then immediately located it in the office desk drawer (where it was put by Boar apparently).

D#2 is now comtemplating the terms of my surrender – no doubt this will include, but not be limited to a trip to Target for new Ipod headphones and a hairdryer.


11 thoughts on “Crow.

  1. Cool, I get to comment right after you get spam!

    I think you’ll pretty much have to pay through the nose. Fitting, seeing you were willing to kill her for misplacing it.

    I look forward to reading of your anguish (and shall take copious notes for my personal use in about 10-12 years when my DD gets to that point …)

  2. Before you eat crow! Are you certain Daughter #2 (after trying to save herself from execution)didn’t slip the cable into the desk to frame the Boar? LOL Just hold your nose while you chew and swallow the crow.

  3. Sounds like it’s time for evasive maneuvers…

    Having two teenaged daughters of my own, by advice would be to avoid specifics. If they are not guilty of one thing, they are probably guilty of another.

  4. Don’t eat crow over that. It’s a Law of Nature that lost things can’t be found unless you’ve unjustly accused (frequently publicly and sometimes somewhat hysterically) someone of taking it.

    You’re just shortcutting the process.

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