who stole my golden arm?!

Cara has asked for a ghost story ….. actually she heard this while visiting this weekend and it freaked her out so much, we almost ended up being bed buddies ……. that being said, I think I am a shoe in to win her contest.

When I was 24, I was a college graduate, newly married and living in Michigan with Boar and D#1 who was an infant. At some point, I took D#1 and went home to PA for a visit with the folks.

One night during that weekend, I had an extremely sexual dream about Danny K. a guy who went to my high school. Other than going to the same school, this fellow and I had no contact – he traveled with a faster crowd than I did. So it is surprising to say the least that all those years later I would dream about him, let alone in a crazy sex fantasy. And to this day, it remains my #1 sex dream …. well, it may be neck and neck with that one I had about Prince but I digress.

When I woke up that morning, I remember laying in bed and thinking WTF? then I heard my FA in PA come in our back door and start talking to my mother who was in the kitchen. She said she had heard some terrible news …..

……… that Danny K. had been killed in a motorcycle accident around 3 in the morning.

as I told Cara and Claire, I may not have been his first, but I certainly was his last! ; )

13 thoughts on “who stole my golden arm?!

  1. Creepy!

    I’m with Nancy – share the dreams. My so-called erotic dreams are usually so weird that I’d rather just share others’ dreams…like that Prince dream… :-)

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